Tuesday, December 3, 2013


This is the oldest paper 
I've ever touched.

This poetry magazine was published in 
San Francisco in the 1880s. 
Pioneer poetry. 

Some names intrigue me while researching Edmund Russell. Recently, Joaquin Miller. But I must have seen his name before Edmund caught my eye. San Francisco bed + breakfast Chateau Tivoli has rooms named after some of my favorites, Aimée Crocker, Isadora Duncan, Enrico Caruso, Mark Twain...
and of their nine rooms, 
one is named for Joaquin Miller. 
April 30, 1893

My new old magazine from 1881 has poems from Edmund Russell + Joaquin Miller. 
This is the oldest poem I have 
found of Edmund's so far. 
The oldest poem. The oldest paper.

Soundtrack: Mazzy Star "California"

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