Wednesday, November 20, 2013


"Things most wonderful we lose in trying to grasp only mentally. That is why I used to listen to Madame (Blavatsky) as half-asleep, the mind in the viscera; and still do when I really want to absorb anything---hunting, hunting, with the eyes sewn-up and wide-open soul." 

Edmund Russell
"More Recollections of Madame Blavatsky" 

Then there's the 
way the press framed things...

"An Esthetic Idiot 
Who Aspires to be the American Oscar Wilde"

Edmund was misunderstood in his time. Adored by some. Abhorred by others, who were often members of the press. 

But Edmund was clear about his message 
and his mission. 

He spread love.

Not romantic love. Divine love.

He found people listened to him if he preached beauty. So he did. For decades. Journalists had many names for him, sometimes calling him an apostle. "The Apostle of Aesthetics," "The Apostle of the Beautiful," and the "Apostle of Delsarte" are a few. "An esthetic idiot who aspires to be the American Oscar Wilde" falls on the other end of that spectrum of name-calling. That's from an 1886 headline in Washington, hammered into black and white by someone whose mind remains in the viscera while awake. Edmund Russell was more awake + more in-tune than most souls, especially when he was half-asleep. I would love to tell you the name-calling ended in the 1880s, but it didn't. Thankfully, neither did Edmund's devotion. Edmund Warren Russell, I thank you for your shining light. Satnam.

May I dream of you tonight, sweet prince.
May the long time sun shine upon you,
All love surround you,
And the pure Light within you
Guide your way on.

Soundtrack: Grimes "Genesis"

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