Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Edman Warren Russell

Pondering brilliant fashion advice 
while striking a Delsartean pose

"If you have a good figure, 
wear as few clothes as possible." 
So what does this frippery say about Edmund's body, 
and does this costume include pants?

Clothes were often restrictive in Edmund's day, in form and in color. Edmund celebrated the intersection of beauty and spirit. He wanted to show others how to create beauty around them by expressing themselves with vivacious hues. Edmund's opinions may have carried weight with society ladies, but it's hard to say how many men were willing to spice up their wardrobes with his dramatic suggestions. 

I appreciate Edmund's sentiments, but living over a century later, there are present fashion crimes
 that outweigh lack of color... 

Pants that sag below the butt. Never alright!
I'd love to hear what Edmund would say about that.

Also, rogues and undertakers wouldn't be the only men allowed to wear noir if Edmund saw how sharp a black v-neck sweater can be. Or maybe I have a thing for the wicked...
Soundtrack: Portishead "Wandering Stars"

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